Cocoa Flower

To send flowers in Chester from a local Chester florist with all day deliveries in and around Chester city centre, please browse through our pages. We hope you like what you see. Find us on facebook for up to date photos, just search for 'cocoaflower'. Cocoa Flower opened on Friday 13th May 2005. Clare and Peter Nugent made the daring leap to start their own business leaving behind very successful management careers in their respective fields. Cocoa Flower is situated in the heart of historic Chester City with a picturesque backdrop of Chesters' famous roman walls and the King Charles Tower. Clare, Peter and their staff pride themselves on great customer service and many unusual flowers in their bouquets. All bouquets come handtied and aqua-packed for delivery. Please feel free to browse through the different pages and view some of our previous work. You can contact us by phone, e-mail or our relay order site if you require any more help.