Flowers At Colonnade

Colonnade Florist has been the local flower expert in Tunbridge Wells for more than 14 years. It is owned and run by Sharon Wood, a Chelsea Flower Gold Medal Winner and Florist of the Year Finalist with more than 30 years' experience. Sharon has loved flowers ever since she received her first bunch of freesias at the age of 13. Her aim is to share her passion and help people get as much enjoyment from them as she does. She has built a team of experienced Floral Designers around her who share her enthusiasm and creativity, as well as her commitment to fabulous customer service.

We don't just sell flowers. We create a fabulous flower-buying experience, from the moment you walk in through the door or pick up the phone. We were delighted when one of our customers said that to us. We love getting to know our customers, finding out which colours they like, sharing our expertise with them and helping them get the most from their flowers.