Highgate Florist & Growers

Our premises include a shop in the village where all our carefully selected and wide range of fresh flowers are kept. We also have a nine acre nursery where we grow a variety of flowers and foliage which we use for our wedding and event work.

At Highgate Florist we have a reputation for quality flowers at very competitive prices. We always have a fresh and varied selection of flowers in stock which are chosen, picked and collected by ourselves from suppliers including Covent Garden Market and other local suppliers.

David Harman (the owner) has been growing and buying for over 30 years and is passionate about growing and producing top quality produce. David has spent a lifetime growing and developing his horticultural interests. As well as a retail outlet he owns a nine acre nursery where he cultivates flowers and vegetables, set on the outskirts of Rotherfield within an area of outstanding natural beauty. David won the south east region for Gary Rhodes Local Food Hero 2008.