MileStones Florist

Florist Sandy Miles opened her beautiful flower shop 'MileStones Florist' in the historic market town 'Oundle' in 2000. The opening of 'Milestones Florist' shop in Oundle was the culmination of years of work, planning and dreaming for Sandy Miles (Her maiden name is Stones).

Having trained and worked in London she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the art of floristry and accordingly has been arranging spectacular flowers for customers for over 20 years. Whatever the occasion, private event flowers, corporate event flowers, cultural event flowers or a Christmas event party flowers we can privide you with a custom tailored floral decoration.

Innovative and original designs will help you organise an event that will be remembered for a long time. We pride ourselves on our customer service and satisfaction, and can deliver a wide range of floral arrangements, balloons and gifts in Oundle and the surrounding areas.