The Florists Workshop Brighton

We are a Brighton Florist whom specialise in Funerals, Weddings and all other floral occasions. We are happy to go through in detail all of your requirements for flowers on that special occasion. Funerals are always hard, dying goodbye to a loved one is never easy. It is now very polar to donate to a charity, but all of customers feel like they need something to show how much their loved one will be missed. A carefully put together arrangement can be the answer.

We have lots of ideas on what can be done. Weddings are the most delicate of jobs. The floral arrangement, whether its a button hole or the brides bouquet its the attention to detail that makes the day. We have sat down with brides to be for literally hours, going through all of their floral options. Its that attention to detail that makes The Florists Workshop the perfect wedding florist choice.